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Capitol TwinPeaks: One of Sri Lanka’s most astute investment options

June 14, 2019

Capitol TwinPeaks, a condominium project under Sanken Group, categorised as a ‘Class A’ residential property and located adjacent to the Beira Lake in Colombo 2 becomes one of Sri Lanka’s fastest selling condominiums due to its location, adherence to deadlines, project quality, ROI analysis and developer integrity.

Residential projects that guarantee a rapid ROI are generally classed as A+ and A- wherein buildings represent the highest quality in their market. They are generally the best designer buildings with the best construction partners and ethics, and possess high quality building infrastructure. ‘Class A’ buildings are mainly located in prime areas, have good access and are professionally managed. As a result of this, they attract highest-spending tenants, and also command the highest rents.

Speaking with Managing Director, Capitol TwinPeaks – Rohana Wannigama said, “Capitol TwinPeaks embodies the ideal residential solution to suit each individual investor need. Featuring 38 apartment unit types, a multitude of facilities and services, across twin 50-storey skyscrapers, this landmark project is on schedule for its expected completion in 2020. Home to South Asia’s highest skybridge, as well as fronted by an arresting glass facade, Capitol TwinPeaks has become an investment opportunity and/or home to several local high networth individuals, Sri Lankan expats and foreign nationals.”

The culmination of its exclusive location, double waterfront views of the Beira Lake and Indian Ocean, its architectural beauty, expected ROI, global popularity and trust in Sanken has led to this particular project becoming one of Sri Lanka’s most astute investment options.

Concluding, Wannigama said, “Capitol TwinPeaks has become a unique investment asset in a veteran investors portfolio.”

Offering international standard apartments for sale, that feature the best in quality in construction, architecture and its interiors, Capitol TwinPeaks’ property specifications range from European standard finishes to customised Sky Bungalows. The project has continuously appealed to those seeking apartment city living/ vertical lifestyles as well as those seeking real estate opportunities that offers a high return on investment, in terms of rental yields and capital gains.

Other real estate property classifications present in Sri Lanka, particularly in Colombo’s real estate market are ‘Class B’ – generally older buildings, with high quality management and high-spending tenants and are generally well maintained; and ‘Class C’ – buildings that are more than 20 years old, located in less desirable areas and are in need of extensive renovation. Architecture, infrastructure and technology is out-dated. As a result, ‘Class C’ buildings have the lowest rental rates, take the longest time to lease, and are often targeted as re-development opportunity.

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